Q: I am interested in Everyday Jewelry but what if my skin reacts to sterling silver?

A: People who have reaction to sterling silver 925 are most likely to be allergic to Nickel.  All of our Everyday Jewelry uses high quality sterling silver 925 without any trace of Nickel. 

Q: What are gold vermeil and rhodium plating?

A: Gold vermeil is sterling silver 925 that has been gold-plated. Our vermeil is plated with 18K Gold. Gold vermeil jewelry is considered to be higher quality than gold plated jewelry because gold plated jewelry uses cheaper base metal such as stainless steel or brass. Gold vermeil is a great alternative to yellow gold jewelry. It also prevents color tarnish and gives a gold shining and sparkling appearance.

Rhodium is a precious metal and a member of the platinum family. Rhodium plating is used to provide a surface that will resist scratches and tarnish and give a white reflective appearance. Because of the nature of silver which tarnishes over time we apply rhodium plating for preventing color tarnish and give shining and sparkling appearance.