Ohgi Collection

Ohgi (扇) is translated to folding fan in English. The Japanese folding fan played such an important role in Japanese culture; it was used in traditional dancing and plays, as a tool for cooling down and it was even used during battles for signaling. Simply put, the Japanese folding fan was considered an essential tool to send off and welcome divine spirit. Today, the Japanese folding fan is still one of the most elegant and practical accessories to be used in Japanese culture. Our MIMIDALE Ohgi collection dedicates creating jewelry that is not only beautiful but also symbolizes to bring graceful luck to people who wear it. This Large Ohgi ring in the picture above has won a Gold Award in the A' Design Award and Competition in Italy(2020), and it is available to purchase through our website. 

Each Ohgi collection jewelry is made to order, professionally hand crafted. Should you require any further information please contact us.