Morganite Sensu Bracelet


Hello colorful morganite! Morganite is a variety of Beryl. Morganite has a translucent look and a vitreous luster.  Morganite is a beautiful gemstone which believed promote feelings of peace and harmony. The stones are quite beautiful to look at and handle, and the polished tumbled specimens often feel cool to the touch. 

This versatile bracelet is easy to wear, its stretched out to fit casually on your wrist. Fits S-M wrist size.  Sensu(扇子) is translated to Folding Fan in English and it is a symbol for loving care and good luck. 

One size only and fits S-M wrist size. Fits person who wears 6" to 7" bracelet. 

material: Morganite, 18K gold vermeil sterling silver 925 Sensu charm, Nickel free