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Silver Ume earrings with Labradorite and Lapis Lazuli


Labradorite stones are considered to treat disorders of the eyes and brain, stimulate mental acuity, relieves stress and anxiety with displaying an iridescent effect.  Since the earliest of times, Lapis Lazuli has been associated with royalty and wisdom, strength, courage, intellect and truth. These stone colors go together like bread and butter. The flower charms are inspired by Mizuhiki art.                                            Mizuhiki is a Japanese art using special cords for gift wrapping. Ume is a type of flower( Plum) and the Japanese considered Ume one of the luckiest symbols. Because this knot is hard to untangle it is widely used to symbolize a strong bonding. If you wish to learn more about Mizuhiki art we have a blog posted on our website. 



Ume charm 0.6" (15mm) ,Total length 2.4"( 61mm)


Sterling silver 925, Nickel Free, Labradorite, lapis Lazuli