Our signature Ohgi Fine Collection ring. The symbolic meaning of Ohgi (扇,Japanese folding fan) is prosperity as it spreads out when we open it. The folding fan has a textured finished which gives an in depth dimension, the beauty of the folding fan is enhanced by a round cut blue sapphire. This ring is wearable in two directions and it gives a different elegant look in either way. This ring is made-to-order and will ship in 5-7 weeks.

material:18K Yellow gold with a round cut Sapphire. 


*The gemstone can be personalized for the customers preference, contact us if you wish to change the stone for this ring. 

 *Please note after receiving a payment we will contact customers who wish to purchase our Ohgi collection Rings. If you know your ring size please submit it in the notes when you are making a purchase.  If you are not sure about your ring size we will either send a ring sizing tool or we will ask customers to walk in to their local jewelry shop to measure their ring size in order for us to create the right size ring.  Should you have any questions regarding the process please contact us.